The silicone greases (lubricants) are used in electronics, electrotechnics, plastic-processing and chemical industry. They have excellent thermal, oxidative and chemical stability at a wide temperature span and only slightly change their chemical and electrical properties when exposed to temperature and frequency fluctuations. The products are hydrophobic, antiadhesive, fire-resistant and physiologically inert.
Polydimethylsiloxane oil and finely dispersed/dispersive siliceous dioxide.

Appearance thixotropic semi-transparent paste  
Density at 20оС, g/сm3 1,10 ±0,05  
Degree of penetration, nominal units 250 - 350  
Degree of leakage, оС none  
Temperature limits for application,оС -50 - +200  

Typical application of our Silicone Grease:

-     Antiadhesives in plastic processing industry;
-     Lubricant in laying of electric cables through pipes and hoses, lubrication of screw threads, lubrication and sealing of cranes and valves on industrial pipelines for transporting of aggressive fluids and glass laboratory apparatuses, vacuum lubricants;
-     Protection from occurring of surface currents in electro-insulators;
-     Protection of high voltage electric lines against corona discharge;
-     Protection of circuit diagrams against moisture, dust, gases;
-     Protection of ignition systems and battery terminals against sparkles, corrosion and dust;
-     Impregnation of asbestos seals against sticking on bonds/joints.
Our Silicone grease is ready to use product. When used as antiadhesives, they are applied on the surface in thin coat by a soft cloth, not shedding fibres. If the purpose is lubrication at encapsulation – by a pallet knife or spatula. 

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